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    A general overview of services offered, display types and capabilities of the company.

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    The beauty of fireworks the hard work, dedicated teams producing beautiful displays.


    Video clips taken from various locations displaying the variety of shows we can produce.


    Our company takes pride in teaching and maintaining current safety standards and practices.


    We offer full scale choreographed displays utilizing the latest in computer and wireless technology.


    Letters of recommendation and satisfaction from prior customers.

    Displays- The Art of Firework Productions

    Both manual and electronically fired displays are available. For added excitement, electronically fired shows may be choreographed to music! Dominion Fireworks offers your organization an exciting show at an affordable price.

    Aerial Displays - Full scale aerial displays use shells from 1"- 10" in size. The shows are typical of those seen on the 4th of July around the country. All displays are designed to maintain safe distances based on the firing location. A trained site inspector will inform you of the devices that will be safe to shoot while maintaining legal requirements.

    Close Proximity Displays - As the name suggests, this type of device is used where spectator lines are in close proximity to the launch site. These devices can be fired from a distance as close as 50 feet from spectators. Don't let the name fool you! The devices pack a powerful punch and with the close firing distance are just as exciting and brilliant as aerial displays.



    We are currently licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina, but have technicians that are licensed in every state. We can also provide retail fireworks package displays. Dominion Fireworks provides the required amount of liability insurance for your display, up to 10 million dollars! We handle all details for you including permits, licenses and support personnel.

    Safety - Our #1 Goal

    Dominion Fireworks is highly dedicated to safety. Strict company guidelines as well as national regulations are adhered to at all times. The company also provides training classes to local and state fire officials to educate them on firework inspections and display safety. In addition, the company teaches technician courses to not only allow them to be employed but prepare them for the Virginia State exam for pyrotechnics licensing.

    As of 2011, ALL displays fired within the commonwealth of Virginia MUST have a licensed technician on scene. If there is not a licensed individual on scene, the display operator is not only breaking the law but potentially endangering the spectators of the show.

    • Pictured Above - Owner William Bulifant III explains the safe handling of a 12" display shell to local fire officials at a training class in Petersburg, VA

    Why Can't the Public Buy
    "The Good Stuff"?

    The sale (or possession) of larger pyrotechnic devices containing more than 50 milligrams of explosives is prohibited because, in the hands of a novice, they are very dangerous. Just because they're illegal doesn't mean you won't find an unscrupulous person selling them. Illegal "M-80's" or "cherry bombs", usually sold with unmarked packaging, lead to countless unfortunate deaths and injuries every year. Don't buy unmarked fireworks; they are illegal and they are dangerous. Special licensing, storage, permits and years of training are necessary for the types of fireworks we offer. We travel to China and hand-pick our suppliers and the products we bring home to America for the safest and most gorgeous, reliable pyrotechnic products. Safety is our number one concern with each carefully orchestrated fireworks event.

    Technology - Computerized Firing Systems

    Dominion Fireworks is capable of firing world class displays utilizing the latest computerized technology. Our systems allow for a wide range of options making each show unique.

    With multiple computer firing systems available, multi-locations displays are  easily synced together to provide pinpoint timing of firing cues down to 100th of a second

    In addition, these systems can be linked to wireless firing positions for situations where cables need to be out of sight or where firing locations are remote.

    All displays are electronically fired to allow the safest and most efficient form of firing. We will be happy to discuss all the options available for your specific display.

    About Dominion Fireworks

    Dominion Fireworks was founded in 1984 and has provided creative and crowd pleasing displays throughout Virginia, North Carolina and the eastern seaboard.

    The company also provides the twice-weekly firework shows along the Virginia Beach oceanfront throughout the summer entertaining both the large tourist crowd and local populace.

    In addition, displays can bee seen annually at these following locations:

    • Yorktown, Virginia Independence Day Celebration
    • Colonial Downs Racetrack
    • Massanutten Ski Resort
    • plus many many more!!

    Professional Organizations

    We are proud members of the following professional organizations including the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) where we sit on the fireworks industry board to assist in adopting and amending current industry regulations.

    • American Pyrotechnics Association
    • Virginia Association of Festivals and Events
    • Virginia Parks and Recreation Society
    • North Carolina Association of Fairs
    • West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals


    Yorktown, Virginia

    Dear Mr. Bulifant:

    I am writing you to let you know that York County Park and Recreation was very pleased with the Yorktown Fourth of July fireworks show that your company provided this year. The annual Yorktown Fourth of July celebration draws approximately 12,500 visitors to Historic Yorktown to watch the fireworks show and the County has received many positive comments over the past several years that your company has provided the fireworks show for this large annual event.

    York County has always been very pleased with the interaction with the Dominion fireworks technicians and in particular Chris Lafond, whom I interact and coordinate the show logistics many months before the Fourth of July event and the day of the show. Chris has always been easy to work with and been very helpful with providing the music to go along with the fireworks display. I have been impressed by the personal phone calls from you the owner of the company to the Parks and Recreation staff to inquire if staff was happy with the fireworks show provided that evening and if we had any concerns.

    In closing, I would like to say that York County Parks and Recreation would recommend Dominion Fireworks, Inc. to anyone looking for a high quality fireworks show for their community.

    Kevin Ritchie
    York County Parks and Recreation Event Planner 224 Ballard Street 0 P.O. Box 532 0 Yorktown, Virginia 23690-0532

    Beach Events, Virginia Beach, VA

    To whom it may concern :

    Beachevents has used the services of Dominion Fireworks for the past 16 years. I think it's safe to say that the length of this historic relationship addresses any doubt as to the level of satisfaction we have experienced. The facts are these:

    o Dominion has produced between sixteen and twenty four individual displays for us each year since 1995 without ever missing a show due to their lack of professionalism.

    o Dominion has made every effort to reschedule postponed events due to rough seas or adverse weather conditions at a minimum of expense to the Beachevents program. They have exhibited flexibility at every juncture.

    o In all the years and through all the displays we have contracted for, there has never been an infraction of the strict safety regulations which are imposed by the Virginia Beach Fire Department and the fireworks regulatory agencies. Safety has been the foremost consideration at every event. Corners have never been cut in the interest of expediency.

    o Dominion has had to interface with many regulatory agencies. These include not only the Fire Department but the U.S. Coast Guard, Marine Police and the Virginia Beach Dredge Operation. All these agencies have been pleased with the communication exhibited by this vendor.

    Lastly, the quality of the displays always eclipsed the price quoted. These displays are artistically put together and the finales always evoke a huge audience response punctuated by lots of applause.

    I can recommend this fine vendor to anyone who wants a great turn-key event effectively and safely produced with the audience in mind. If l can be of any further assistance or if you have any questions regarding Dominion Fireworks, please feel free call me personally.
    Bobby Melatti
    Program Director — Beachevents

    Omni Resorts The Homestead


    To Whom It May Concern:

    Dominion Fireworks has been a preferred vendor of The Omni Homestead for years. We work with them on numerous occasions throughout the year and strongly recommend them to interested meeting and event planners. Dominion’s commitment to safety is one of their greatest attributes. We also appreciate their creativity and enthusiasm for trying new designs and displays.

    David Jurcak
    Managing Director

    Fredericksburg Heritage Festival

    Dear Mr. Bulifant,

    I’m sorry to have taken so long to let you know how pleased we were with the July 4th fireworks show this year at Pratt Park for the 2010 Heritage Festival. The fireworks show is the fmale of a very successful event and is enjoyed by thousands in the park and around town where it can be seen for miles.

    Our association with you, your employees and your company has been nothing less than perfect fiom the beginning of our association 3 years ago. It has always been a pleasure to work with you and your staff; This letter will serve as our commitment to you for the 2011 show. The only continuing problem I have as I have had in past years in raising the money to pay for the show. Because it is not a city sponsored event, all monies come from private sources. I am already talking to people about sponsorships for 2011.

    We are talking with the park authority people in Stafford County Pratt Park about continuing there next year and also with the folks in Fredericksburg about possibly moving the show. Stafford County has contacted me about 2011, and I have a meeting set up in two weeks to discuss some changes in the overall program such as opening the park earlier in the day, including other events to attract more people, etc. I don’t anticipate that any of these kinds of changes would impact the fireworks portion of the show. I will keep you in the loop if the location is going to change.

    Again, my sincere thanks for working with us and for us on this event. I have always felt that I have a friend when we have the opportunity to talk and so enjoy those conversations. I hold you and your company in the highest regard and look forward to our continued association. Sincerely,
    Roberta Gold, Coordinator
    Fredericksburg Heritage Festival

    Evans Delivery Company

    Dear William,

    I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the close proximity fireworks display you did for our recent meeting Colonial Williamsburg. As the first group to have this type of fireworks in Williamsburg, you did an excellent job working through all the issues with the hotel staff and local fire department.

    Not ever having seen a “close proximity" fireworks display we were a bit nervous it wouldn't be as exciting as the typical fireworks shows we've seen in the past. It exceeded our expectations. The guests at our event loved the display and we've received numerous compliments on the fireworks. It was a great ending to our weekend.

    Thanks again for all your hard work and professionalism. It was a great addition to our weekend.

    Chris Giltz
    Senior Vice President of Operations
    Evans Delivery

    City of Hampton, VA

    Mr. Bulifant,

    On behalf of the City of Hampton and Hampton's 400th Anniversary Committee, we would like to thank you for your outstanding seen/ice to our community. with displays ranging from small to very large, Dominion Fireworks has provided not only an excellent product, but impeccable customer service.

    We are often asked to recommend a firework vendor, and Dominion is the only name on our list. The shows are fantastic, but the personal relationships that we share with you and your staff are worth every penny. The flexibility of your company with our staff, committee, city officials, and especially our fire-marshal enable us to provide a cost efficient and quality product to the citizens of Hampton.

    Until our next event...thank you for making history with Hampton.

    Sincerely, Erin Black
    Special Events Coordinator
    Hampton's 400th Anniversary

    Richmond Raiders Professional Football Team

    It is at this time I want to take this moment to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you did this past season with the indoor fireworks you provided during our home game pregame shows.

    The Raiders where looking for a way to get our fans excited and make them like they where part of show during each game when we went looking for our game day vendors. We feel we exceeded our expectations of fan response and enthusiasm during our pregame show and are thrilled with the services of your company. When we went looking for a company to provide these services it was critical to find a firm that was easy to work with and provided a professional show since two of our games where to be nationally televised.

    I found your firm provided everything we where looking for in a vendor and we would highly recommend your service to anyone.

    The Raiders look for a long and continued relationship with your firm.
    Jack Bowman
    General Manager
    Richmond Raiders

    U.S. Army

    Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Dominion Fireworks

    For the last five years Dominion Fireworks has staged the fireworks display for The Fourth at the Fort, the annual Independence Day celebration for the Fort Lee community. The fireworks display is an integral part of the success of this event and Dominion has never failed to “wow” the crowd with the creativity and variety of their displays.

    We have always been pleased with Dominion's attention to every detail as well as their insistence upon safety -- even while tailoring their presentation to this installation’s particular needs. Their ability to respond to any new requirement or request in a prompt and courteous manner has always made this event — from planning to completion — a stress-free process.

    Overall, Dominion Fireworks is a very likeable and professional team. I certainly believe that any event in which they are involved will be enhanced by their skillful and creative presentations. I strongly recommend Dominion Fireworks for any pyrotechnical display you may be planning.

    Kyle A. Nelson
    Chief, Sports/Recreation Division

    Currituck County, N.C.

    Dear Bubba,

    Currituck County would like to thank you and your staff for another extraordinary fireworks display on July 4, 2010. This year’s show at the Whalehead Club and Historic Currituck Lighthouse was indeed the best show yet. The combination of the setting and a fantastic fireworks display ensured that a good time was had by all spectators, volunteers, and sponsors.

    Your professionalism during this event is greatly appreciated by me and everyone involved with making the event happen. Your staff should be commended for the job that they did to ensure that things ran smoothly. The July 4th Fireworks display on the Currituck Outer Banks has become a tradition that we are very proud of and Dominion Fireworks is one of the main reasons for our success. It is our hope that you will continue to provide us with quality firework displays for many years to come. I look forward to working with you next year.
    Jason S. Weeks, Director
    Currituck County Parks and Recreation

    Beach Events

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    Corporate Office


    • P.O. Box 3015 Petersburg, VA 23805
    • 877-822-7236